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Please address any comments, feedback or queries about the content of this site to:, or use the form on this page.


For enquiries regarding use of any of the photographs in this website in print or digital media, please use the contact form.


The images from the Visionary voyage, Psychedelic pantheon, Gothic revisions and Lapidary lace galleries are available as fine art giclée prints on canvas or photo paper.

PLEASE NOTE: the software used to compress the images on this website sometimes renders large areas with subtle colour gradations as blocks of discrete colour, thus misrepresenting the picture. If you are interested in purchasing a print that is affected by this glitch, please use the contact form to request a jpg which will show how the image actually appears when printed.


Produced on a 12-colour printer, these have great luminosity and subtlety of colour, and should last for at least 50 years. Size as per your request, although many of the prints will not render well on photo paper at above about 12in/30cm on the longest side. Canvas prints can be much larger. The latter are delivered either ready-stretched on plywood stretchers, or as a rolled canvas. To buy prints, please use the contact form.

If you have enjoyed the images on this site, you might also enjoy my equally colourful and highly patterned mandalas, visible at

You can also leave a message here:


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